Krishna Sanghini – Rukmini

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He appeared on this earth 5000 years ago during Dwapara Yuga. His major role in Mahabharata, his eternal pastimes in Vraja, Mathura and Dwarka and his divine glories make everyone fall in love with him. But very less is talked about is consort. And many are unaware with her. Some people know her but don’t know anything about her clearly and correctly. Very few people know about her. It’s really very sad that Krishna is loved and admired by everyone but there are hardly few people who talk about his beloved.

My post Krishna Sanghini means Krishna’s Companion is on Goddess Rukmini. Mahalakshmi is the Supreme Goddess. She is the goddess of beauty, wealth, prosperity, fortune and fertility. She is the Divine Mother of the infinite cosmoses and Eternal Consort of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu is incomplete without Lakshmi devi. She is his active energy, his pleasure potecy. Lakshmi Narayana are one soul but two bodies. When Parabramhan is male he is Vishnu and female she is Lakshmi. Shri and Vishnu are inseparable. Like before Sun it’s light comes similarly Shri comes first then comes Hari. When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Ram in Treata Yuga, Lakshmi incarnated as Sita. And when he incarnated as Krishna, she is Rukmini.

To serve Shri Krishna in Dwapar, she appeared in the line of King Bhishmaka, Ruler of Vidarbha. Their capital was Kaundinyapura. She was named as Rukmini. She is also known as Vaidarbhi and Bhishmaki.

Only by hearing the virtues and glories of Krishna she fell in love with him. It’s really very hard to fall for someone just by hearing about them. Such was the love of goddess Rukmini towards Krishna. Her day started with his thoughts and her day would end with his thoughts. She lost herself in Krishna. Her unwavering devotion and pure love is unmatched. None is superior to her. She is perfect in serving Krishna.

Krishna too was in love with her. He was sleepless because of her constant thoughts. If Krishna is flower then Rukmini is fragrance. If Krishna is energetic then Rukmini is energy. If Krishna is creator then Rukmini is creation. Without Krishna there is no Rukmini and Without Rukmini there is no Krishna. Rukmini is always seated on Krishna’s cheast as Shrivatsa symbol.

Rukmini’s brother Rukmi fixed her alliance with his evil friend Shishupal who was Ravana in his previous birth. Shishupal was the son of Krishna’s paternal aunt Shrutashrava and Damaghosha King of Chedi. Even after the thousands of plea’s and requests from Rukmini, Rukmi was firm on his decision.

Rukmini went to her father Bhishmaka. He was well aware that she was mad in love with Krishna. But he didn’t dared to raise his voice in front of Rukmi. Seeing the helplessness of her father Bhishmaki decided to call Krishna himself for help.

She wrote letter to Krishna. It is the first love letter and Rukmini is the first girl to propose her lover. By taking a look of that era ladies were not given much respect in male dominated society. Still we girls feel afraid to speak out our heart. But Vaidarbhi is really ahead from her time.

She raised her voice for injustice happening to her. She accepted Krishna as her husband. She can’t think of someone else even for a while rather then Krishna. It was her firm decision that she will marry Krishna only and not anyone else and if in this birth she failed to attend him then she is ready to do tough penance for thousands of years to attain him. Such was the pure love of Rukmini. None I repeat none in this entire creation is equal to Rukmini. We are not even worth of the dust of her lotus feet.

Vaidarbhi’s letter is so beautiful that greatest saints and philosophers have wrote commentaries on it. She gave her letter to a trusted Brahmin and said to handover it to Krishna only.

Krishna seeing the Brahmin in his door welcomed him and washed his feet, honoured him with huge respect. The Brahmin gave Krishna the letter written by the princess of Vidarbha. After reading the beautiful letter which was full of pure love and devotion with utmost surrender; tears of love started to flow from his lotus like eyes. Instantly Krishna sat on his chariot and proceeded towards Vidarbha.

As per the family tradition the becoming bride is taken to the temple of Goddess Parvati to seek her blessings. Outside the temple Rukmi and his brothers, Shishupal, Dantavakra, Jarasandha were standing with there forces. When Rukmini came out of the temple everyone lost there senses and started to fall on ground from there elephants by looking at her divine incomparable beauty.

She has golden complexion and dressed in silk clothes. Wore jewellery of precious pearls and gems. Her hairs were long, black and curly. Teeth were pure white and lips were like rose petals. She had beautiful limbs and large eyes.

Looking at the opportunity Krishna came there with his chariot. He took her hand in his and lifted her. Sitting on the chariot they proceeded to Dwarka.

Rukmi and others followed them. But all of them were defeated by Krishna and Balram. Krishna and Rukmini were married with a great pomp by following all the Vedic rituals. Lakshmi Narayana reunited once again. They were never separate in reality. They are always one.

After performing the penance for 12 years by following Bramhacharya a son was born to them. He was named as Pradyumna. He was equal to his father in looks, attributes, valour and virtue. When Krishna and Pradyumna used to walk together it was very hard to find who is Krishna and who is Pradyumna between them. Apart from Pradyumna. Rukmini had nine more sons and one daughter. Charudeshna, Sudeshna, Charudeha, Sucharu, Charugupta, Bhadracharu, Charuchandra, Vicharu and Charu were their names. And name of her daughter was Charumati.

Krishna had 16008 wives. Among them first and the principle wife was Rukmini. Satyabhama, Jambavati, Mitravinda, Kalindi, Lakshana, Bhadra and Nagnajiti were all second main wives after her. Among these Satyabhama is prominent. Both Rukmini and Satyabhama are favourite wives of Krishna. Both are Mahalakshmi herself. Rukmini is Shridevi original form of Lakshmi and Satyabhama is Hreedevi or Bhudevi expansion of Lakshmi. Both Bhama and Rukmini are best friends. They love each other a lot. The story of jealousy is not at all true. How can one be jealous of oneself?

Satyabhama accompanied Krishna everywhere. She assisted him in battles and slayed Bhaumasura/ Narkasura. But this doesn’t mean that Rukmini wasn’t there. She is female aspect of Krishna. She is Krishna herself. Krishna is Rukmini and Rukmini is Krishna. And Satyabhama too is expansion of Rukmini herself. Krishna’s Shanmahishis were direct expansion of Rukmini. And rest other wives also are her partial expansions. Gopi’s of Vraja too were partial expansion of Rukmini.

When Krishna departed to Vaikuntha leaving back his mortal body. She ruled Dwarka for 7 days waiting for Arjuna. Arjuna cremated Krishna’s body. Rukmini entered the funeral pyre of Krishna and gave up her mortal body. They both were reunited again in there eternal abode Vaikuntha.

Shri Shri Rukmini Dwarikadhish Ki Jai